Hi, my name is Sarah Penny and I believe in The American Dream.

I was born in Zimbabwe, Africa, growing up on a large farm without a care in the world. That all changed when at age seven, my family and I were violently forced off of our land by a rising dictator. Leaving everything behind, we fled to America, where we started a new life as foreigners with nothing to our name. It was here, in the state of Texas, where I learned about the American Dream. And though the idea is grand, I have yet to experience it for myself. To be honest, I’m not even sure what it is exactly, and after seeing many of my peers struggle with the same questions, I have decided to set out on a Journey of Jobs.

After graduating college, I will begin a journey, learning a new job at a different business in each of the 50 United States. By working and living alongside men and women in pursuit of their American Dream, my goal is to motivate others to achieve their own. It is necessary to have inspiration as we journey through life. Nothing is more encouraging than seeing individuals who have found their joy and purpose in following their dreams. Journey of Jobs will help navigate people to what career aligns best with their passions based on observing the success of others living out their American Dream. By exploring different states, a variety of professions, and a range of lifestyles we can better impact the world by finding and doing work that excites us. No matter what stage you are in life, I hope that through my experiences you can discover your own path to personal freedom.

You can follow me on journeyofjobs.com as I share pictures, videos, and blog about the stories of hard working Americans. You can also partner financially by giving to my GoFundMe account or contacting me at Sarah@journeyofjobs.com.