VIP Host at OMNIA Nightclub July 15, 2016

VIP Host at OMNIA Nightclub

Shadow: Amy Vu
Job: VIP Host at OMNIA Nightclub

What happens in Vegas... doesn't always stay there. My time with Amy Vu at OMNIA Nightclub is too good not to tell. Amy is only one of two females in Vegas who hold the title of “VIP Host.” She stands out in the male-based industry without a bat of an eyelash. I was able to see how Amy keeps up with the men in this city that never seems to sleep.

Amy decided to take a gamble on Vegas when she moved from California without a job, a place to stay, or knowing what the roll of the dice would bring her. She had been to Vegas a few times with her friends and fell in love with the Electronic Dance Music (EDM), the fast paced lifestyle, and city’s bright lights. Amy decided to follow her passions and use her skill set of management, party planning, and hosting people to work her ideal job.

“Sometimes you just have to go for it.” ~ Amy Vu

Amy’s job allows her to combine work and play as she gets to provide the very best experiences for people visiting from all over the world. She is on at all hours of the day, as she invites individuals to join in on the excitement of the city. She takes a dive into the pool of people when she heads out to the day parties to network. Here she offers a notable night that can be bought for a minimum of $6,000. This includes a champagne drop with beautiful ladies flying down from the ceiling holding sparklers and bottles of champagne in their hands as a group of drummers decked out in lights play for the group. This is an event that people can’t help but drink into.

Once Amy works her magic at the pool she then strategizes for the night’s activities. She heads to the OMNIA podium and figures out the analytical side of the evening. Amy looks at how much each group is spending, the number of people coming, how many men and how many women, if the people are considered “good looking,” and the if they are older or younger. All of these factors are taken into consideration when deciding where to place people at their assigned tables. She tends to place the most important people or best looking in the prime spot behind the DJ booth making the club look as enticing as possible. With high profile people comes a high price. This sought out spot costs between $10,000-$15,000, sometimes even more on nights that big DJs such as Calvin Harris are playing.

Once the club reservations are filled the night really begins. Crowds of people gather from every which direction to get in one of the most anticipated clubs in Las Vegas. Despite the mayhem, Amy works the crowd in a composed manner. She creates enticing experiences that are not easily forgotten- no matter how many champagne drops one might get. Her day ends at 4:30am in order to make sure that people receive the best at all hours.

My time with Amy was one for the books. She allowed me to experience the lavish lifestyle of Vegas as well as hooked me up with the VIP treatment as I saw what a day in her life entailed. I was extremely impressed by Amy and the way she stays grounded despite the hustle and bustle of the city. Her work ethic, hospitality, and graciousness were extremely encouraging. The lessons I learned with Amy are ones that won’t stay in Vegas but will be carried with me to other places.

Learned Lessons:

  • Being who you really are means recognizing who you aren’t
  • Do what you’re uniquely capable of
  • Build a career around your talents, skills and passions
  • Add value to the world in your own unique away
  • Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition
  • Never judge people or assume things

Tips of the Trade:

 “I wanted combine all my talents and skills together to make a position only I am good at.” ~ Amy Vu

“Be respectful to everybody regardless of what they can do for you.” ~ Amy Vu

“The things that you may think are flaws can be a blessing in disguise.” ~ Amy Vu